The hope in which we standThe hope in which we stand

Adopted by the General Assembly, Prague June 2017

Safe Passage

  • Observation of search and rescue as well as reception at Europe’s external borders.
  • Continued advocacy and networking efforts to enable safe and legal access to Europe for those in need of protection, but also for those migrating in search of labour.
  • Emphasis will be put on family reunification, resettlement and humanitarian admission programmes, humanitarian visa, lifting of visa requirements as well as legal channels for labour migration, the mutual recognition of protection status between states and fairer sharing of the responsibility to provide for protection.

Europe and International Refugee Protection

  • Uphold the right of persons in need of international protection to access a fair, speedy and high quality procedure with adequate reception conditions
  • Support the search for solidarity in responsibility sharing for refugee protection between different states.
  • In addition to resettlement, seek to improve asylum procedures through dialogue with relevant authorities on this subject

Europe and International Migration

  • Advocate for a clear, transparent and accessible system of migration to Europe - based on fundamental rights of migrants with a focus on family unity.
  • Special concern will be given to the most vulnerable in international migration, such as undocumented migrants, women and children.

Upholding the Dignity of Persons, addressing discrimination

  • Address the protection of those groups discriminated against in the context of ethnic, social, racial, religious and gender based exclusion.
  • Roma discrimination, with particular focus on the role played by churches.
  • Commitment against racism and xenophobia, particularly when related to migration.

Uniting in Diversity

  • Diversity and “Being Church Together” will stay on the ecumenical agenda.
  • Closer cooperation with migrant or minority ethnic churches will be important.
  • Intensify and enhance the ecumenical cooperation at national and European levels with migrant and minority ethnic churches.

For detailed information, please consult CCME Work Programme 2018-2020

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