Facts, backgrounds and information on the GFMD

The consultation of Churches Witnessing with Migrants is meeting in Istanbul followed by the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. CCME has prepared factsheets as backgrounds information on the GFMD.


Migration and developmentMigration and development

The nexus between migration and development is recognised in communication and statements. Policies and concrete cooperation activities (e.g. the European Neighbourhood Policy) are however still largely dominated by the aim to use development cooperation as a tool for migration restriction and control. Churches as actors in the fields of migration and development are ideally placed to explore positive ways of action which go beyond remittances. However, this potential of being actors of migration and development is not yet fully used.

Therefore, priorities will be:

  1. Monitoring policy development at European level
  2. Cooperation with other regions, particularly through the World Council of Churches and its Global Ecumenical Network on Migration
  3. Networking with church development agencies and identifying relevant projects

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