Prayer for people in need

Prayer for people in need

Gebed voor mensen in nood

Dear God,

There are so many people in need!

Like everyone in this world

refugees are in need of a place to live,

a warm bed, food, clothing, a decent wash…

Dear God, You know that we need all those things,

but most of all we need people who care,

to share our love, our hope and our future.

We need to be needed.

Dear God, You know that we are in need.

Come and give us a hand!


Lieve God,

Er zijn zoveel mensen in nood.

Net als iedereen in deze wereld

hebben vluchtelingen een plaats nodig om te leven,

een warm bed, voedsel, kleren, wasgelegenheid…

Lieve God, U weet dat wij al deze dingen nodig hebben,

maar meer dan wat dan ook mensen die om ons geven,

om onze liefde te delen, onze hoop en onze toekomst.

We hebben het nodig om nodig te zijn.

Lieve God, U weet wat wij nodig hebben.

Kom en reik ons een hand.




Dr Arjan Plaisier, President of the Synod of the Protestant Church in Netherlands visiting the refugee garage in Amsterdam where 8o rejected asylum seekers from 18 different countries are living.


Prayer for justice and peace

Kum ba ya, my Lord, kum ba ya… (gezongen)

Oh Lord

there is so much injustice in our world:

so many poor people are paying the price

for the richness of others,

so many leaders who abuse their power

and do not listen to the cries of their victims.

Be there God, come by …read more


Statement of the Raad van Kerken in the Netherlands during the visit to the detention centre Rotterdam on the 15th of May 2013

Move forward with the humanitarian aspect in foreigner’s law
The Dutch system of asylum policy did not work out completely. Every week volunteers of the churches come across staggering examples of people whose rights are violated daily due to the asylum policy. They come across harrowing situations: people who are mentally ill put into detention centres, children who more 


Geschapen naar Gods beeld behandeld als slaaf…

Op zaterdag 1 juni 2013 organiseert de
Stichting Religieuzen Tegen Vrouwenhandelin samenwerking metKerk in ActieenSKINeen studiedag in Utrecht over mensenhandel.
Deze bijeenkomst is gericht op iedereen die als vrijwilliger of in het werk in aanraking kan komen met mogelijke slachtoffers van mensenhandel. Ook andere...


You, Helper of scared people

Gij, Helper van angstige mensen   

Creator of sun and lighting moon,

You Helper of the scared

Protector of the helpless

Aid of the oppressed

Feeder of the children

Healer of broken bones

Liberator of prisoners

Schepper van zon en maan,

Gij Helper van angstige mensen

Beschermer van hulpelozen

Hulp van onderdrukten

Die kinderen voedsel geeft

Heelmeester van gebroken botten

Bevrijder van gevangenen

You who shatter every tyrant;

Please come to rescue me now too!

Help me to find a way out

A happy ending to my case.

Bless me with relief.


Gij die elke tiran verbrijzelt;

Alstublieft, kom om ook mij nu te redden!

Help me om hier een uitweg uit te vinden,

een gelukkig einde aan mijn zaak.

Zegen mij met opluchting.


(attributed to Mohammed, 7th century)

(toegeschreven aan Mohammed, 7e eeuw)

When I see the bridge of Kampen, I think to myself, I’m home

A booklet on wonderful stories about churches meeting the stranger and the reality of refugees who are helped by churches in The Netherlands has been published and a translation in English is available on the following link:

Enjoy the reading!


Campaign on asylum seeking children

Dutch immigration minister Leers responds to Kerk in Actie (Protestant Church Netherlands, Dutch CCME member) regarding postcard campaign on asylum seeking children - Kerk in Actie: concerns remain!

For detailed information, please follow the link:


Kom naar de kinderrechtenmanifestatie op
Wereldvluchtelingendag 20 juni 2012

Een coalitie van vluchtelingen- en kinderrechtenorganisaties organiseert op Wereldvluchtelingendag 2012 een bijeenkomst op het Spuiplein in Den Haag. Aan een forum van ‘rechters’ wordt een Verklaring voor Kinderrecht gevraagd over vier onderwerpen binnen het vreemdelingenrecht waar kinderrechten in >>>>>, Poster


International Day Against Racism

A Roma Rap

...produced in the Netherlands for the International Day Against Racism, 21 March 2012




Here is a film about the causes of the statelessness among the Roma in the Netherlands and especially the consequences thereof now and in the future of their children. How did things ever get to this stage, with people becoming stateless, and how does this affect children’s rights? Based on two Roma families, the Roma self-organisation Triana and Defence for children, the pressing situation of almost 1000 Roma families in the Netherlands that are trying to survive becomes painfully clear. Since they do not know their nationality, they usually have no right to housing and social security benefits, they are not allowed to work and cannot take out a health insurance.

The film was financially supported by:
• Stichting Democratie en Media
• Gemeente Utrecht
• Stichting Steunfonds Juventute
• KerkinActie

Click on the picture to watch the movie...

For more info in Dutch, click Roma: stateloos maakt radeloos



Statement from the Conference on Persons converted
from Islam to Christianity in Asylum Procedures

Asylum policy in the Netherlands regarding the persecution of Christians, distinguishes  two problematic aspects that deserve the particular attention of the church. First of all, the failure to appreciate the many problems with which especially converts have to face in their countries of origin. Secondly,  the judgement whether an asylum seeker is really a (converted) Christian,  is – in practice – essentially made arbitrarily.

For detailed information, please read the Statement from the conference in Utrecht on persons converted from Islam to Christianity in asylum procedures. More information on the conference and presentations in English can be found on: