• Religious communities in Switzerland demand more protection for refugees. German, Français
Recommandation Fédération Protestante de France

L’Assemblée Générale de la Fédération protestante de France (FPF), réunie à Paris les 27 et 28 janvier 2018, relance l’appel pour un accueil digne des exilés, lancé en 2015, avec fermeté et humanité dans la défense intransigeante de la dignité de chacun et la condamnation de tout ce qui humilie l’humanité dans l’Homme, dans l’exigence du respect des droits fondamentaux de ...Lire toute le texte


A Time of Encounters

The study covers the period 2015-2016 and looks into the extent of the Church of Sweden's work at parish level concerning asylum seekers and newly settled persons, as well as how the work is organized and which experiences are acquired in the work. Read full Report


Lampedusa Ecumenical Statement

We are Christians of different traditions from Europe and the United States meeting in Palermo from 30 September to 2 October 2017 to reaffirm our commitment to welcoming migrants and asylum seekers. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, we have ecumenically carried out reception activities, paying close attention to the concerns and the proposals made by experts and civil society representatives who have contributed to our debate. On 3 October, we have reached Lampedusa to remember the victims of...Read more; Italian Version


"This Is What We Want - The Churches and Migration Issues"

"This Is What We Want – The Churches and Migration Issues" is an expression of our ambition to be the salt of the earth, to protest against injustice and to work for a better society for all people. We highlight the fundamental values and ethical principles that are at the foundation of this analysis. These values or principles are based both on our Christian faith, as the text is illustrated with various quotes from the....Read more


God’s love is for the whole world and does not stop at national borders. God is close and he is merciful to each person in the same manner – regardless of the colour of their skin, their gender, nationality, religion or financial position. During these times of international crises, many are responding in ways of thinking that stops at their nation’s borders. In discussions concerning refugees and...Read more, German version


Peacemaking Sunday: 18 September 2016 – "When I needed a neighbour"

Peacemaking Sunday is held each year on the nearest Sunday to the United Nations International Day of Peace on 21 September. The Church of Scotland, Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church provide material each year for a service, including hymns, prayers, reflections and a visual meditation. The theme for this year’s resources is "Solidarity with refugees". Read more...


JEÛNE GENEVOIS 2016 – A Day of Fasting and Prayer

Jeûne Genevois 2016 will be organised by the World Council of Churches and ‘Witnessing Together in Geneva’ at the Ecumenical Centre, 150 Route de Ferney, Geneva on 8th September under the theme: "Rising to the challenge of the migration: Are we all Noahs?”. Programme in French


Message from the churches in Poland concerning refugees

The nations of Europe and the Churches are facing the enormous challenge of the migrant crisis. About three million people from countries of Africa and Asia have crossed the border of the European Union. Some of them are fleeing because of war and religious persecution, others in...read more


Exilés: l'accueil d'abord

Prior to the French National Day 14th July 2016, the United Protestant Church of France has launched a campaign «Exiled people: welcoming first! » (FR) aiming at asking political leaders for courageous engagement and more realistic and generous migration & asylum system. A short “Biblical & Theological Meditation” (FR) on migration was also developed.


Prayer May 2016

Gebed Mei 2016

Prayer May 2016

Liefde die groter is dan ons hart,

- als u er bent-

wij roepen u om hulp 

omdat we niet weten 

waar we het anders zoeken moeten.

Zie onze woede over 

zoveel onrechtvaardigheid 

in deze wereld, dit land, deze plaats

zie ons verdriet over zoveel lijden

zie onze schaamte over 


Love, who are so much more than our heart –

 if You exist – 

we call to You for help

because we do not know where else to look.

See our anger: 

there is so much injustice

in this world, in this country, in this place.

See our sorrow over so much suffering.

See our shame  over all the pain 

that people give each other.



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Prayer for the homeless on the first days of the year (2016)

Dear God,
We pray for people without homelands,
people without passport, without destination.
We pray for people who are suffering in detention,
not because they are criminals,
but because no countries are willing to....read more 


O Lord my God

English text: John Bell (IONA)

O Heer, mijn God

Nederlandse tekst: Joke Ribbers


O Lord my God, o Lord my God,

why do you seem so far from me,

o Lord, o Lord my God?


Night and morning I make my prayer:

peace for this place, and help for there;

waiting and wondering,

waiting and wondering:

Does God care? Does God care?


O Heer, mijn God, o Heer, mijn God,

waarom blijft Gij zo ver van mij,

o Heer, o Heer, mijn God?


Daag’lijks bid ik en roep en schrei:

Geef ons vrede en sta ons bij;

wachten en vragen

wachten en vragen:

Waar is God? Hoort Hij mij?


Call to offer safe and legal routes for refugees

Europe finds itself confronting large numbers of refugees, many more then it has seen for a long time. These refugees can only find protection, in increasing measure, by travelling extremely dangerous routes. In doing so, they are obliged to cross borders illegally, for which they have recourse to human traffickers. The influx of refugees is creating a chaotic situation at the external borders of Europe, security concerns and uncertainty. In response, the countries in Europe are...Read more; Dutch version 


Children and parents in immigration detention

No Child in Detention is a joint publication by a coalition of Amnesty International, Defence for Children, Stichting INLIA, Kerk in Actie, Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland, Stichting LOS, UNICEF - the Netherlands and the Dutch Council for Refugees.
The publication gives a voice through stories to children and their parents who are in Dutch cells. The stories reveal how imprisonment affects a child’s fundamental sense of safety.  Read full report


Das Monitoring in der Schweiz und zivilgesellschaftliche Rollenkonflikte

Monitoring of forced removals was undertaken in a pilot project by the Federation of Protestant Churches in Switzerland. Simon Röthlisberger describes the experience. Read More...German Version


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Handbuch christlich-islamischer Dialog

Für alle, die in christlichen und muslimischen Gemeinden oder Einrichtungen, in Schulen oder Kindergärten, in der Verwaltung von Kommunen und Ländern oder in politischen Gremien tätig sind, ist heute die Kenntnis über Grundlagen und Positionen des christlich-islamischen Dialogs unerlässlich. Read more